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Environmental protection and energy saving materials to create high quality pipe fittings

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Environmental protection and energy saving materials to create high quality pipe fittings

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The quality of environmental protection and energy-saving new materials fully meets the requirements of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of China for drinking clean water pipes. It also has green, environmental protection, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, high impact resistance, good rigidity, small coefficient of linear expansion, reliable connection, convenient installation and maintenance, thin tube wall, smooth inner wall, good sanitary performance, good oxygen performance, long service life, recycling and other special points. The inner wall of AGR pipe is very smooth and the water resistance is small There is no inner wall accumulation, and the oxygen permeability of AGR pipeline is very low. It is only 1/13 ~ 15 of green plastic pipes such as PP-R and PE, thus avoiding the growth of microbes and bacteria in the long term use. Furthermore, there is no heavy metal ion stabilizer in the pipe fittings of AGR, which ensures the service life and drinking water quality of the pipeline system. . Therefore, the AGR pipeline is clean and sanitary, which can be widely used in the fine chemical and electronic industry clean water transportation system, the water supply pipeline for drinking water, the fluid transportation system of the beverage and beer industry. Of all the domestic plastic pipes, the AGR pipeline is the only plastic pipe that meets the hygienic standard of WHO (WHO). 1. low temperature resistant and high impact resistance AGR pipeline system can be used normally in the high and cold regions of minus 30 degrees C. No need to worry about the occurrence of shock and breakage in the course of transportation and construction. AGR pipeline system has excellent impact resistance. Under the condition of -10 C, 20 * 2.3 tubes can withstand the impact of the free falling body of the 6Kg weight and the 0.8m height without cracking. The pipes with the nominal diameter of more than 40 can withstand the free falling body of the 9Kg weight and 2.0m height without cracking, and the other plastic pipe fittings will be weighed when compared with the same conditions. The hammer was smashed to pieces and could not withstand such high intensity impact tests. The 2. rigidity is good, the tensile strength of the AGR pipe system is 50.3 ~ 53.2Mpa, the modulus of elasticity is 2156Mpa, the coefficient of linear expansion is only 6 x 10-5m/m C. These rigorous and scientific testing results show that it has good rigidity. Compared with PP-R, PE and other pipelines, AGR pipes are not easily deformed, both in the light and in the dark, and are less in need of support in the construction process, and in the low cost of construction. The high rigidity also ensures that the AGR pipe fittings can bear large pressure resistance. Under the condition of constant pressure, the wall thickness of AGR is more thin than that of PP-R and PE pipes. The same water flow can be achieved by using the smaller pipe diameter AGR pipe, which can save the cost and improve the installation efficiency. 3. the bonding strength of pipes and fittings is high, and the pipeline system is safe and reliable. AGR pipeline system adopts No.80 adhesive for water collection. This adhesive has good affinity with AGR resin and fast curing speed, thus achieving excellent bonding strength and rapid construction of the dual effect. The joint parts of pipe and pipe fittings are tested by the test of blasting pressure. All the parts of the burst damage are on the pipe, and the connecting parts of the pipe and pipe will never leak or damage. The tensile test is taken from the connecting part of the pipe and pipe, and the part of the fracture damage is all on the pipe, and the pipe and pipe fittings are all on the pipe. The connecting part of the joint is good. Under the condition of 17.5Kg hydrostatic pressure, the connecting part of the pipe and the pipe part is tested with the "static water pressure bending test" of 4 degrees, and the leakage or loosening will not occur at the bending 2000 times. These rigorous tests have proved that AGR pipes and fittings have high bond strength and can build a stronger, safer and more reliable water supply network. AGR pipes are not affected by the residual chlorine in water. Many polyolefin materials, such as PP, PE, PB and other chlorine, may occur when the polymer chain segment decomposition leads to the leakage of the pipes. It is reported that the PB pipeline has been found to have occurred in the United States. AGR is not affected by residual chlorine in water, which enhances the safety and reliability of AGR pipeline system. 4. seismic performance is good under 17.5Kg static water pressure conditions, 2 meters long pipe and pipe fittings are fixed at one end 0.5 meters at one end and the other end is forced to increase 0.3 meters by external force, the leakage of connecting parts or pipe material will not occur whitening and other abnormal phenomena; the connecting parts of pipe and pipe are stretched for 10mm/min In the test, when the connector is elongated 5%, the joint is not removed or the tube whitening and breaking, and the maximum vibration times of the destructive earthquake are 50 times, and the tube with length of 0.3 meters is fixed at one end, and the other end applies the "fatigue test" of the sine wave fixed value of the 50 frequency of 1Hz in the direction of the tube axis, and the test knot is the test knot. The results show that there is no sign of damage to the pipes, and the deformation value is only 3.5%, so that the design requirements of the strict seismic pipelines can be achieved. The pipeline service life is long strictly according to the test method stipulated by the ISO/DIS11673 standard. According to the test results, it is deduced that the creep strength of AGR material is still 20.7Mpa at 20 C, and the AGR pipeline has strong resistance to strong acid strong alkali and many kinds of solvents. It fully ensures that its service life is over 50 years and its installation is convenient. Small caliber AGR pipes are plugged and bonded with high bonding strength, which is more than 4 times the bond strength of ordinary plastic pipes; the bonding and curing speed is fast and only needs 30 seconds. The large diameter pipe is connected with elastic seal, without complex and expensive construction machinery, only a simple chamfering tool, cutter and tightener can be used. The installation and operation are very simple, and the AGR pipe fittings are complete, which to the greatest extent guarantees the AGR pipe installation and construction of low cost, fast and convenient.