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The transformation and upgrading of the metal pipe industry in China

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The transformation and upgrading of the metal pipe industry in China

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Pipe fittings, metal pipe fittings for short, are connected to the two parts of the pipe or other pipe fittings, including three, four, elbow, elbow, head, flange and so on. The products of industrial metal pipe fittings have the characteristics of special specificity, high added value and wide application, which involve all fields of national economy. The products mainly supply petrochemical, natural gas, ship, electric power, medicine and other industries, especially in the emerging fields such as marine engineering and nuclear power. The rapid development of the downstream industry of industrial metal pipe fittings will drive the strong demand for large diameter, composite materials, high performance and high reliability pipe fittings. At present, the total demand for industrial metal pipe fittings in the electric power industry has declined, mainly due to the decline in the demand for fittings for thermal power installation with ordinary performance and low technical content. However, wind power flanges, nuclear pipe fittings, and key parts such as large caliber, non-standard, high performance thermal power unit pipes are still in short supply, and some of them need to be imported. With the acceleration of China's urbanization infrastructure, the construction of oil and gas field development, world ship order transfer, marine resources exploration and nuclear power station construction will make the market which has been in short supply has a larger supply and demand gap. It is concluded that the annual consumption of industrial metal pipe fittings in China is about 1 million 500 thousand tons in the next few years, and the annual consumption of high pressure industrial metal pipes is about 2 million 300 thousand tons, plus export business, the total annual demand of China's industrial metal pipe industry is about 4 million 500 thousand tons. The number of high pressure pipe fittings consumed by industry in the world is at least 23 million 400 thousand tons per year, with a market capacity of more than 90 billion dollars.