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Pipe shrinkage nearly half of building materials prices rise cautiously shrink

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Pipe shrinkage nearly half of building materials prices rise cautiously shrink

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Since last year, the price of raw materials, rent, wages and other rise, a lot of building materials prices have risen, some businesses on the building materials specifications to move hands and feet, resulting in the size of some building materials shrink, 12315 people to remind consumers to be careful when buying. Nearly half of the anti-theft network pipes have shrunk recently. Mr. Lin, a consumer of the Fuzhou Jinan District Crane New Town District, told 12315 complaints from the Bureau of industry and Commerce in Jinan District that he spent 11 thousand yuan in December 22nd and January 1st this year to buy pipe materials used by a building material store in the south building material market, when merchants promised the pipe thick. The degree is 0.8 millimeters, but after the actual measurement, he found that the thickness of the pipe is only 0.46 millimeters. The merchant explains that the production process is wrong, and only agreed to replace it. Mr. Lin suspected fraud and demanded that the merchant return the goods and pay double compensation. At the same time, he compensated the man-hour cost of 3000 yuan, but the merchant refused. Due to the large differences between the two sides, the final 12315 staff mediation failed. On the 16 day, the person in charge of the Bureau of industry and Commerce in Jinan District said that, after their understanding, in this complaint, the operator's interpretation of "manufacturing process labeling error" was not established. In view of the bad behavior of the operators, they had made a case investigation of the operator's alleged false propaganda. The person in charge also said that since last year, the prices of wood, ceramic, copper, iron and other raw materials have been affected by the price of wood, wood floor, bathroom, hardware and other building materials for decoration, but because of the fierce competition in the market, the merchants did not dare to increase their prices at will, so they secretly stole the material. The recent complaints about the shrinking of the building materials have increased, like before they have received complaints from consumers who have complained about the size of the decorating wood, a consumer buys 3 cm x 5 cm specifications. After buying home, the actual specifications of the woodworker found that the actual specifications are only 2.5 mm x 4.5 cm. "In the last few years, many commodities in the building materials market have been reduced by the increase of raw material prices, and some departments have been investigated and dealt with. The problem of building materials shrinkage has been reduced in the last two years, but in the last few months, it may be influenced by factors such as rising prices of raw materials, and this phenomenon has increased. We are currently paying close attention to this issue, consumer response together on the investigation together, in order to effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers. Jinan District Industry and Commerce Bureau in charge of 16, said. At the time of the reservation, the person in charge of the building materials should be reminded that after the Spring Festival, the decoration market began to be busy again. Many consumers began to work on the decoration, but at present, many building materials are facing the pressure of price rises, and consumers should focus on preventing the shrinkage of building materials, especially in advance reservation of bathroom, wood flooring, tile, In the case of cabinet and other products, we should guard against this situation. The person in charge recommends consumers, first of all, in the purchase of ceramic tiles, wood floor, wood square and other needs to calculate the required area, quantity, specifications of the building materials, the best to allow businesses to mark the size of the shopping voucher. Secondly, consumers should take tape measure, calculator and other tools with them to measure the specific size of building materials, especially when accepting goods. Take wooden floor as an example, its outer package will clearly indicate long, wide and high, and consumers can choose the measurement randomly. At the same time, consumers should also pay attention to the accuracy of the tape provided by the merchants themselves, which has happened before. Finally, consumers can complain to the industry and commerce, the Consumer Council and other complaints in case of shrinkage of building materials.